Inspec Tec™

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Inspec Tec™ is a seamless knitted stretch nylon inspection glove. The white knitted stretch nylon shell of the Inspec Tec™ provides
a close fit with excellent dexterity and handling ability. Seamless and breathable, it prevents irritation during long periods of wear
and extends to form an elasticated knit wrist providing a secure fit and keeping the hands free of dust and debris. Attaining maximum
EN388 score for tear resistance, the Inspec Tec™ offers good mechanical protection and durability. Low linting to reduce the risk of
product contamination, the Inspec Tec™ is the ideal choice for inspection and light assembly applications.

Typically used for:

  • Electronics
  • General Assembly
  • Retail Stock Replenishment
  • Packing & Packaging
  • Inspection
  • Automotive Manufacturing