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Tremor-Low™ consists of a foamed neoprene coating that is formed into a series of ridges all over the palm and fingers to produce an absorbing anti-impact/vibration surface. There are hundreds of jobs that involve the use of hand-held vibration tools and equipment
and if precautions are not taken, frequent exposure can cause serious injury. The unique coating of the Tremor-Low™ acts to minimise the effects of vibration by absorbing vibration energy and reducing transmission to the palm and fingers. Tremor-Low™ allows for maximum flexibility, affording the wearer a greater level of dexterity. Additionally it offers good cut, tear and puncture resistance and an excellent grip. The back of the hand has a smooth coating which provides protection to the knuckles. The glove’s flexibility, anatomical shape and soft knitted seamless liner ensure comfort at all times.

Typically used for:

  • Maintenance
  • Engineering Work
  • Public Utilities Work
  • Forestry
  • Power Tool Use